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May 25 2018
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SOF II Tips, Tricks & Binds
If you know some tips, tricks or good stuff we didn't mentioned here below and you wanna share it with us, please e-mail the admins about it.

mail to:EV!L Admin

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1.) Don't stand in doorways!

You make an easy target, you can't move side to side when they shoot at you and your team mates can't get through the doorway, MOVE! LOL (Oh yeah. Windows are doors with the bottom closed).

2.) See the enemy.

If you can see the enemy, the enemy can see you.

3.) Change the size/color of your crosshair.

I like the little dot, but I make it real small so that it doesn't cover up the enemy when I point at him/her. The red or white crosshair is good for about 90% of the time. But, some use green when inside and the walls are white. They use Black (about 1%) to kill those "roof monkeys". Cause as soon as the white crosshair goes over the roof, you loose it in the bright sky, black crosshair works like a charm. Change your crosshair style in the SoF2 menu. To change the size/color, use the console. The commands are easy, just bind them to the keys you like from the console. Here are bind commands:

bind ALT "seta cg_crosshairsize 5" (push ALT for small crosshair size)
bind TAB "seta cg_crosshairsize 30" (push TAB for large crosshair) (higher number = bigger crosshair...)
bind 4 "seta cg_crosshairRGBA 0,0,0,1" (push 4, crosshair color turns to black)
bind 5 "seta cg_crosshairRGBA 0,1,0,1" (push 5 for green)
bind 6 "seta cg_crosshairRGBA 1,1,1,1" (push 6 to change it back to white)

4.) When using AK or M60, set it to automatic.

But DON'T lay on the fire key. Tap the fire key over and over. What this will do is reduce the recoil and make it easier to aim. Practice on a wall. When using the MP5, don't do this. Just press and hold the fire key as this weapon does not have much recoil.

5.) Weapons changing.

Learn it, use it. It is as important as learning how to move. Use long range weapons in long range situations and use short range weapons in short range situations. Don't try to shoot someone with a pistol if they are far away from you. On the other hand, don't try to use the AK for close battle. It sounds like it makes sense but might not matter that much. It does! In a close battle, the knife is more powerful than the AK. Shotguns work good in hallways and up close. Know your weapons, learn to change weapons. Then change them as needed.

6.) Try to keep it simple.

Don't try to learn everything at once. Pick something to practice, AND PRACTICE IT until you do it without thinking. Then move on to the next thing to practice. It's just like everything else. Learn the basics, then learn the fancy stuff. Don't try to take shortcuts. There are different kind of shooters. Crouch, leaners, standers and dancers. Most effective defense is dance, harder to aim, but with practice.... Yeah, and another way to pronounce "standers"? "DEAD GUY" LOL. Side note about dancing: Move side to side. Moving forward and backward doesn't hinder the enemy. It's the same as standing in the same place. The bullet will travel the extra two feet and hit you anyway. If you move side-to-side, there is at least a chance the bullet will miss you to the left or right.

7.) Think & practice.

Finally, each time you die, stop for a second and think about what it was that you did wrong. Oh yeah, you did something wrong, you're dead aren't you? (DO NOT let yourself blame others cause you are dead. Blame yourself, figure out what you did wrong, and DON'T DO IT AGAIN. If someone is cheating (touchy subject, but they are out there), don't get upset. It doesn't make you better or worse. You are still you. And you still need to practice to improve yourself. Don't try to improve someone else, they are beyond help. No matter what your skill level is, there will ALWAYS be players that are better than you and there will ALWAYS be players that are worse than you. Just keep practicing. Noobs are joining every day.

8.) Use our ears.

Hear the enemy walk up to you. You can predict when he shows up behind the wall. The best way is to use a headset.

9.) Those tips and trics are common sense.

The whole point of even mentioning them is to give you something to practice and think about while you are playing. Remember, this is fun. It ain't work, but if you want to be good, you will have to work at it. Hell, even professional athletes practice every day. And they are the BEST IN THE WORLD. Learn to script your own personal confige file. If You don't wanna learn steal, rip or copie the usefull script of the internet and paste them into your file.

10.) Binding key's.

If you use in the game a lot of text and sounds, you can better bind them to a key. In SoF II is binding text and sounds to a key very simple. Before you begin, know first two things. First to know which sound there is and second on what key that sounds gonna be bind.

* Text binding of "Thank You" to key q :
In the console (key ~) type /bind q "say ^1Thank you #t"
Sign ^1 means a color given to the text and #t means that after the text "Thank you" automatically the players name is displayed that you killed.

* Sound "Nice shot" bind to a key w :
In the console (key ~) type the /bind w "say @16 ^4here the text #d" The sound @16 gives the sound that you want and the sign ^4 a color to the text and #d means that after the sound and the text is displayed "Nice shot" a text appears with the players name that killed you. To know which sounds there are in the game, you can download a little doc file (Word) Go to the download section forthe file

11.) Use of tokens

In the above you read about binding and the use of the sign #. The sign # with a number or letter is called a token. Type the tokens in your console and you can create a simple command. See the combinations below.
#h your current numerical health
#a your current numerical armor
#d the name of the last player that hurt you
#t the name of the last player that you hurt
#f the name of the closest team-mate
#L your current location
#i the name of your currently equipped handgun
#p name of your currently equipped primary weapon
#s the name of your currently equipped secondary weapon #g the name of your currently equipped grenade
#e the name of your current equipment (armor, nightvision, infrared)
#B Inserts your current health in a nice bar format
#b Inserts your current armor in a nice bar format
#u the last body location in which you were hit (Needs Confirmation)
#v the last body location you hit someone else (Needs Confirmation)
#z the last person to enter the server
#Z the last person to enter the server
#r the name of the last weapon to hurt you
#R the name of the last weapon to hurt you

12.) Making screenshots.

Making a screenshots with binds. Take your console (~) and type :
/bind F11 screenshot Every time you hit the F11 key in a game play, the game will take a photo from your screen at that moment. The picture can be found in the folder SoF II/rocmod/screenshots/

13.) Text colors in SoF II.

In the text of the game you can use a lot of different colors. Before you type a text use the combination ^ with a letter or number, followed by the text. The text will have the new color.
^1 red
^2 olivegreen
^3 yellow
^4 MidnightBlue
^5 cyan
^6 pink
^7 white
^8 black
^9 red
^0 black
^a darkturquoise
^b orange
^c redorange
^d dodgerblue
^e deeppink
^f skyblue
^g limegreen
^h redpurple
^i steelblue
^j lightgreen
^k moccasin
^l lightblue
^m magenta
^n forestgreen
^o lightpink
^p springgreen
^q whitepink
^r lightpink
^s purple
^t redpink
^u purple
^v green
^w black
^x darkblue
^y lightblue
^z darkorange
^- darkgray
^= darkcyan
^[ darkcyan
^] darkcyan
^' yellow
^\ darkpink
^/ black
^, gray
^. purple

14.) Crosshair Stabiliser.

Crosshair Stabiliser takes away the bobbing effect from the gun you have when walking (u know crosshair bobs up and down slightly). Use they commands in console or edit your cfg accordingly:
seta cg_bobup "0"
seta cg_bobpitch "0"
seta cg_bobroll "0"
seta cg_runpitch "0"
seta cg_runroll "0"
This makes aiming a lot easier, (well a bit easier.)

15.) Angle viewing.

By changing the viewing angle you can see more of what is going on around you This is how to change the viewing angle from its default setting from 80 to 90
1. During the game open the console using the key under the ESC key
2. Type in cg_fov 90
3. press Enter then ESC to close the console. You can use this command to set the viewing angle from between 80-100.

16.) Crosshair color changes.

To change the color of your crosshair, pull down the console (by pressing the ~ key, usually to the left of the number 1 key) and type cg_crosshairRGBA X,X,X,X. Note, it is case sensitive; also note that there is a space between cg_crosshairRGBA and the X,X,X,X, and commas between each of the numbers. The X values will be either 0s or 1s, and different combinations will give you different colors. Some examples are: 1,0,0,1 (red.) This is the color I uses. And 1,1,1,1 (white) 1,1,0,1 (yellow) 0,1,1,1 (light blue) 0,0,1,1 (blue) 1,0,1,1 (purple) 0,0,0,1 (black) So, if you wanted your crosshair to be blue, in the console you would type cg_crosshairRGBA 0,0,1,1

17.) Rate settings.

How do I make sure my RATE is set correctly? There is a setting in Soldier of Fortune 2 related to your computer's connection speed; it is under Options -> Network Settings -> Rate. The available options for Rate are Modem 33.6K, Modem 56K, Single ISDN, Dual ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1, and LAN - it is important that you set this correctly, otherwise you may be causing problems for other players. It should match whatever your actual connection is, i.e., if you have broadband cable set your Rate to Cable, if you have DSL set your Rate to DSL, etc. The Sysops can check the Rate of any player on the server, and if I notice that your Rate is set incorrectly he will ask you to change it. If you do not, he will ask you to leave until your Rate is corrected (and if you don't leave voluntarily, then he will Kick you). It's a simple thing to do, it will smoothen out your gameplay, and it will help prevent lag issues for everyone else.

18.) Binding a cycle for one key.

If you use many binds but have not enough number and leters on your keyboard then here is a solution. If you look under here is a sample of how it is done.

bind v "vstr nice1list"
seta nice1list "vstr nice1list1"
seta nice1list1 "say nice shot #D;
set nice1list vstr nice1list2"
seta nice1list2 "say #D you owned me;
set nice1list vstr nice1list3"
seta nice1list3 "say ouch that hurt #D;
set nice1list vstr nice1list4"
seta nice1list4 "say Put me back together again #D!;
set nice1list vstr nice1list5"
seta nice1list5 "say You are rocking #D!;
set nice1list vstr nice1list1"

So you see when you press v key for the first time you'll get "nice shot", the second time you press v key you get "you owned me" and so on. Obviously you can bind whichever key you want and call the bind by whatever name you want. I just happened to use nice1list.

19.) Combination key's.

Do not use 2 key's for 2 quick moves at the same time. But use 1 key for these 2 moves.

High Jump
bind MOUSE2 "+moveup; wait 4; -moveup; wait 4; +movedown; wait 4; -movedown"

Crouch + lean
bind DEL "+movedown;+leanleft"\r\nbind PGDN "+movedown;+leanright"

Quickly weapon draw
bind g "weaptoggle secondary; cg_drawgun 1; cg_crosshairsize "21"; seta cg_drawcrosshair "1"
bind f "weaptoggle primary; cg_drawgun 1; cg_crosshairsize "16"; seta cg_drawcrosshair "1"
bind CTRL "weaptoggle grenade; cg_drawgun 1; cg_crosshairsize "22"; seta cg_drawcrosshair "1"

You can change these key functions in your sof2mp.cfg file with a text editor like notepad.\r\n\r\n

20.) Join Your Favourite Server with One Key Press.

If you know the IP address of your favourite servers you can bind keys to connect directly to that server. For example.......................Our Server:
bind F6 connect

21.) Turn your autodownload off.

Most servers will give you crap and shitty files with your autodownload on. Eventualy, it will mess up your SoF II game. Turn it off. If you wanna nice clean files like scopes skins etc etc, download it from the trusted websites.

22.) Keep moving

Always stay on the move. A stationary target is a dead target, and you never know when there's someone on the other side of the map using a sniper rifle to draw a cross hair on your mellon. With very few exceptions (see the next tip below), don't ever stop moving, especially when in a firefight. Learn to use the mouse so you can aim while moving around to dodge your opponents.

23.) Turn your autodownload off.

Keep crosshairs at head level. When walking or running around, keep your crosshairs at around head level. This way you'll have a better chance at a headshot if someone jumps out at you. It also decreases the time it'll take to draw a dot on someone's head.

24.) Jump around corners.

When rounding corners, jump into the air and turn to face the new direction. This will make you harder to hit (especially with a headshot) to anyone lying in ambush on the other side.

25.) Switch to the pistol when needed.

Don't underestimate your secondary armery. If you run out of ammo or have to reload in the middle of a firefight, switch to your secondary weapon while retreating. It may just save your life.

26.) Forget about power weapons.

When starting out as a newbie, get used to automatic weapons like the MP5. It's fairly accurate, and will serve you well to build up your skills before batteling with the heavy guns like RPG, MM1 and granates.

27.) Master the crouch jump.

Pressing jump then crouch is an important technique to master. It'll allow you to jump onto taller obstacles, and will let you jump through narrow windows or gaps. Practice it and learn how to use it well.

28.) Always be unpredictable.

Don't do the same thing over and over. Opponents learn fast, and good opponents learn really fast. If you score an easy kill or ambush one time, don't do it again right away. Take alternate routes through the level ocassionally. Being predictable will quickly get you killed.

29.) Stick together, team!

Always travel in groups. The odds of survival are greatly increased when you have backup. At the start of the level don't go rushing off by yourself. Stick with your teammates and stay alive.

30.) Learn the level and objectives.

Know the level. If you don't, glide around in spectator mode to learn the layout and objective locations like bomb points and sniper locations. Pay attention to where other players go and pay attention to the layout of a map. Knowing the quickest way from point to point is a key for success.

31.) Rush the sniper.

When you spot a sniper, don't try to outshoot him. Either avoid him if possible, or rush right at him while moving erradically. Most snipers will freak once you get up close, and you can shoot them down.

32.) Use grenades.

Granades are very powerfull weapons. Toss them around corners where you suspect opponents, and use them to stop rushes and weaken opponents. Be careful with granades, though, as they can damage, blind and set fire to you and your teammates as easily as the opposition.

33.) Balance your team's arsenal.

A team needs a mix of weapons. So, if you notice everybody on your team equipping to play the sniper role, take a automatic weapon to help them out.

34.) Use Armor.

Don't forget to use armor. It'll greatly icnrease your chances of survival.

35.) Always go for the headshot.

Headshots do lots of damage. 'Nuff said.

36.) Fire in bursts.

Especially for weapons like the AK-47 that quickly lose their accuracy in automatic mode, firing in quick bursts is essential. Just tap the fire button/key quickly, then tap it again.

37.) Check for ambushes before disarming bombs.

When you spot a planted bomb, don't rush right in and try to disarm it. Clever Terrorists will lie in ambush and try to nail anyone made vulnerable by bomb debno123456. Always look for traps first.

38.) Use cover and dark to your advantage.

Hide in dark corners and behind obstacles to make yourself harder to hit and see. This is especially important when sniping.

38.) Listen up!

Use sound to your advantage by listening to movement sounds. This will often allow you to pinpoint the location of opponenents and avoid running into them headfirst. You should also learn to croush or hold down the walk key (shift by default) to mute your own movement. Finally, use headphones or loud speakers to make things easier to hear.

39.) Shoot through walls.

You can shoot through objects, walls (wood) and tents. Learn which weapons and which walls so that you can use this fact to your advantage. If you see or hear someone duck behind a fragile barrier, you can put them down with total impunity.

40.) Reload before running out.

If you can help it, don't wait until you're totally out of ammo to reload. And if you can, seek cover while reloading, since it makes you quite vulnerable.

41.) Watch the Crouching

Be careful when you duck down for that acuracy shot because those who dont duck usually keep there crosshair at waist level. Most people also aim for the biggest part on there oppenents body. It, always being the shoulders to the waist. Or if you are battling it out with another player standing up, dont duck your sure to get shot in the head.

42.) Duck and Jump and Hop

When jumping to make yourself a harder target, crouch as well. This makes you an even smaller target.

43.) Gimme a Boost!

You can get to high places by "boosting". One player should crouch and the other one should jump on top of him.

44.) Gamma Correction

Turn your gamma up, which allows you to usually see players hiding in darker areas.

45.) Circle Strafe

Use Circle Strafing when in a close combat situation... Circle strafing (for those who dont know is when you strafe around your opponent always facing them).

46.) The Old Snipe

If you're gonna snipe or hide, always do it in the least expected place. Hide in vents, or over doorways and have a free shot at anyone that passes underneath.

47.) Don't Give it Away

Use team chat! It can be useful to orgainis your team or to decide what to do next round. Far too many people blurt out their tactics over public chat, leaving the enemy with a good opportunity to counter it.

48.) Give 'em a Hand!

Don't block your teammates' line of fire, don't block their line of movement while retreating or strafing. And if a teammate is being shot at, don't just let him die. Toss a grenade if possible and join the fight. Because if they kill him, then they're coming after you next. Better to stop them sooner than later.

49.) Go For the Crotch!

When firing on full automatic, aim for the legs or the groin or something. This is because the recoil will kick the bullets higher and higher, so your 2nd or 3rd or so shot will land on the neck or the head. If you're close and sure of your accuracy, then by all means, aim straight for the head. But for long-range engagements with a weapon that has no scope, aiming lower will help.

50.) Do Not type

Never Type unless you are dead. It is a horrible habit to do so! If possible, use Radio Commands instead because if you type it makes you very vulnerable because first, you are not playing and second, it gives your opponent 2 seconds to kill you.

51.) Try to Snipe

The key to a good snipe isn't in a slow aim, but to shoot quickly before the target has a chance to react. Many times, a constantly moving target will make you wait until your bead is sure. By the time you're able to take a good aim, they're usually in firing range of you and you've lost your advantage. Also remember that the sniperriflel is usually one shot / one kill, and that the anemy is usually two shots / one kill. Hit them fast and you can't go wrong.

52.) Mouse Sensitivity

Practice a good aim in combination of a high mouse sensitivity you get more accurate and will be faster.

53.) Turn of Background Music

Turn off the background music ingame, and only have the ingame sounds.

54.) Teleports & other extra's.

Find and use the teleports in some maps to your advantage. If you don't know the teleports or how to use them, ask the others.

55.) See Spectators

Wanna see who is spectating you in the game. Set the command below in your sof2mp.cfg file. Or type it in your console (~):
seta cg_drawSpecList "1"

This option only works when the server it allows. And the DFS has activated this option.

56.) Most important Tip

Practice, Practice and Practice.

For every tip and tric you have to figure out in what type game it works best. For example. Tips about teams work in capture the flag or in team death matches type games. Tips about snipe work great in sniper maps etc. etc.

56.) Alternative SOF2 minimizer

This tip doesn't require any software download.
If you want to minimize your SOF2 game, you don't have to exit the game in total.
Just press: Ctrl-Alt-Del to get your task manager up in screen.
Then from the running programs overview (first tab): left click on SOF2 game.
Now select: minimize.

#1 | pigfreak on December 03 2015
demo bind and cfg

// SOF2 Recording
bind m "vstr demotoggle"

set Recordon "g_synchronousclients 1; wait; record; wait; g_synchronousclients 0; echo ^5Recording ^5Activated!;set demotoggle vstr Recordoff"

set Recordoff "stoprecord; echo ^5Recording ^5Stopped...^4Enjoy ^4Your ^4Demo!! ^6Smile; set demotoggle vstr Recordon"

set demotoggle "vstr Recordon"

//VCR Controls

set demopause "cl_freezedemo 1"
set slow "cl_freezedemo 0;timescale .4;echo Slow"
set normal "cl_freezedemo 0;;timescale 1;echo Normal"
set ff "cl_freezedemo 0;timescale 2.2;echo Fast Forward"
set ff+ "cl_freezedemo 0;timescale 3;echo Hi-Speed Fast Forward"
bind kp_5 "vstr demopause"
bind kp_leftarrow "vstr slow"
bind kp_home "vstr normal"
bind kp_uparrow "vstr ff"
bind kp_rightarrow "vstr ff+"

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